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Annie's Homegrown Honey Graham Crackers vs. Generic, Store Brand Graham Crackers

November’s Better Snack Breakdown is here! This month we’re featuring Annie’s Homegrown Honey Graham Crackers and we’re going to show you why they’re the better snack option for your family!


When compared to the generic, store brand graham crackers, it’s obvious that Annie’s Homegrown Honey Graham Crackers are the healthier, more nutritious choice! Your child can enjoy the same fun and taste but with more health benefits! Annie’s provide nutritional benefits that are absent in the store brand, as well as no artificial ingredients that could potentially be harmful for the body! Make your child the perfect snack or pack them with their lunch for school, Annie’s is the way to go! Still don’t believe me? Check out a side-by-side comparison below!



Annie’s Homegrown Honey Graham Crackers are YOUR healthy snack solution! Order them today on our website at unbeatable low prices and fast delivery right to your door! Get them today for your kids and family, or yourself… We won’t judge! Happy Snacking!