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2018 is still the year of adaptogens! While they’re super trendy and fun to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle, we’re breaking down one of the most popular supplements and it’s many health benefits – ASHWAGANDHA! This week’s Superfood Spotlight is focused all on this root and what it can do for you!!!


Ashwagandha is most often found in powder form and if you don’t like the taste, they also come in capsule form like a vitamin! This superfood is packed with flavanoids that act as a natural anxiety remedy and antidepressant, and it helps balance blood sugar levels, boost endurance and immunity, and is proven extremely beneficial for the thyroid! We’re not going to spoil all of the fun, so check out more about ashwagandha below:




The trend is definitely one worth researching! It could be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle! Is ashwagandha an adaptogen you’d be willing to try? Let us know!