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This week’s Superfood Spotlight is shining on CHLORELLA! This green superfood may look like it can’t do much, but its countless health benefits made it worthy of the spotlight this week! The Healthy Snack Solutions Team thinks this small but mighty superfood is a great part of any healthy lifestyle!


Often found in powder form, chlorella is known as a great detoxifier for the body but also for containing protein, chlorophyll and various vitamins and minerals! These provided nutrients are not easily found in our diets but are essential for our bodies’ optimal function! Chlorella’s various characteristics can help support the immune system, promote healthy weight loss, and fight against various ailments! We don’t want to give all the details away, so make sure you check out the amazing chart below to learn more!



Do you think you’ll be giving chlorella a try in the future? We love including it as part of our healthy lifestyle! Just look at all those wonderful health benefits! Nervous about trying it on its own? Give Mamma Chia’s “Green Magic” Chia Squeeze a try – it’s got chlorella in it! Let us know how much you love chlorella! Happy Snacking!