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Whether you don’t like milk or prefer dairy-free alternatives, coconut milk is a nutrient-dense option to replace it! This week’s Superfood Spotlight is focused on COCONUT MILK! If any recipe calls for milk, just make a quick and easy swap with this superfood! You’ll give your body tons of additional nutrients too!


Coconut milk is high in healthy fats and provides the body with electrolytes, lauric acid and MCTs! Each of these plays their own role in the body from improving heart health to relieving digestive ailments, and even helping support weight loss! This superfood is definitely a great addition any healthy lifestyle! Read more about it below:



Are you a fan of coconut? Check out some of our favorite healthy, coconut-flavored snacks – DANG makes perfectly toasty coconut chips, Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies are little bites of sweet, tangy coconut goodness, and Bare Snacks makes delicious coconut chips in fun flavors!


Raise your hand if you’re going to give coconut milk a try! How do you plan on using it? We love it in our coffee and baking with it!