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Following a Paleo diet? We’ve got loads of healthy snacks for you!

Along with our “vegan,” “kosher” and many other categories that filter our snacks based on their respective dietary needs, we’ve added our newest category – “paleo” – to our website!

This selection in our catalog allows customers to sort through our wide variety of healthy snacks to quickly find those that are paleo-friendly! We make it easy to find what you’re looking for!

If you’re not familiar with the term “paleo,” then read on to learn a little bit more about it! “Paleo” derives from the phrase “Paleolithic diet,” or more commonly known as the “caveman diet.” The snacks that fall into this category are made from ingredients that are found naturally in the world. This means that there was little or no processing done to make these treats.

Paleo-friendly snacks are made with ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, meats and seafood, and nuts (not peanuts!). Their health benefits derive from those naturally occurring in the foods used to make the snacks and contain no refined sugars, refined grains, dairy or legumes.

If you’re looking for delicious and nutritious snacks that fall into this category, click here or look for the Paleo icon on our Catalog page! Happy Snacking! 









We want to highlight a few of our favorite Paleo products that you should definitely check out! Fruit and vegetable leathers, such as Stretch Island Fruit Leathers, jerky bites, such as Epic Jerky Bites, and tree nuts and date bars, such as a select variety of Larabars!