Health Warrior Protein Bars vs. Generic Protein Bars

Health Warrior Protein Bars vs. Generic Protein Bars

February 15, 2019

April may have just ended but we’re still bringing you our latest Better Snack Breakdown! This month we're talking about PROTEIN BARS! Protein bars are often advertised as a “healthy” option or “meal replacer”, which in some cases may be true but there are plenty of bars our there with “good” nutrition facts but terrible, junk-filled ingredients! The Healthy Snack Solutions Team wanted to show you what a REAL protein bar looks like in comparison to one that is advertised, and believed by consumers, as health! Health Warrior makes delicious and good for you superfood protein bars your body will love!


We put these two options side-by-side to give you a visual on just how different these bars are! Health Warrior completely surpasses the expectations of a protein bar and incorporates ingredients like omega-3 loaded chia seeds and natural plant-based protein! Their ingredients are natural while the generic brand is almost entirely processed with no real nutritional value! Check out the comparison chart below for a complete breakdown on why Made Good is the better, healthier choice for your family!



Health Warrior’s Superfood Protein Bars are YOUR healthy snack solution! All of their protein-packed bars are available on our website, plus their other delicious bars! Order some today to refuel after your upcoming workouts! Happy Snacking!

Healthy Snack Solutions Admin