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Last Minute Healthy Snack Stocking Stuffers!

Do you have a child with a food allergy and struggle to find tasty stocking stuffers that they’ll love? Or maybe a child that loves to eat healthy and is into fitness, leaving stocking stuffer options limited? We’ve got the perfect, healthy snacks to make your children smile this holiday season!

Is your child constantly on-the-go or maybe a high school/college student that needs an afternoon pick me up for class? These are the snacks you’re looking for!

Bobo’s Oat Bars, KIND Bars and Square Organics protein bars are all great items to stuff into their stocking this holiday season! Bobo’s Oat Bars are delicious, completely oat bars that come in a wide variety of flavors! They’re often nut free and come in gluten free varieties! KIND Bars are also great to grab as a snack for busy children, but are made with great ingredients and come in TONS of delicious flavors! And Square Organics make all natural, protein-packed bars that taste absolutely amazing! They’re certified gluten free, dairy free AND vegan! These can easily replace the classic Christmas chocolate in any stocking!

Maybe your child is a fan of dessert or loves having a sweet treat after lunch? We’ve got tasty options for them too!

Justin’s Nut Butter snack packs with pretzels or banana chips, Emmy’s Organics coconut cookies, HomeFree’s Mini Vanilla Cookies and Nature’s Bakery’s Brownies and Fig Bars are the snacks for you! Justin’s makes snack time nutritious AND fun with their all-natural pretzel or banana chip snack packs paired with their popular nut butter flavors! There’s only six in a pack – so perfect for a stocking! Emmy’s Organics make yummy little macaroon-like cookies made from organic ingredients and are certified gluten free, vegan and grain free! Homefree also makes cookies, but theirs are wafer-life vanilla cookies made with NO NUTS! They’re also made in a nut free facility! Lastly, Nature’s Bakery has upped the snack game by combining a bar and a cookie together for the perfect snacking experience – a fig bar! Their fig bars and brownies come in perfectly portioned packets and are vegan, nut free and made on nut free equipment! You DEFINITELY want these stocking stuffers!

If you’re just looking for sweet, healthy and allergen-friendly treats to share with your kids this holiday season, then check out these great snacks below!

Dang Coconut Chips, Veggie Go’s fruit and veggie leathers and YumEarth’s Sour Beans finish up our stocking stuffer snack goodies! Dang Coconut Chips are made with simple, wholesome and tasty ingredients that satisfy your sweet tooth! They’re extremely food allergy friendly and paleo as well! Veggie Go’s make a healthy fruit roll up that’s also packed with veggies – your kids would never know! These taste THAT good! Does your kid like sour candies? How about some YumEarth’s Sour Beans that are made with organic ingredients, completely nut free and made in a nut free facility! The perfect round-up for our holiday snack guide!

Are you celebrating Hannakuh? All of these snacks are certified Kosher (except for the Dang Coconut Chips)! Everyone can celebrate this holiday seasons with all of these healthy, delicious snacks that all will enjoy! View our catalog for all of these amazing brands and get yours today!

Happy Holidays and happy snacking from the Healthy Snack Solutions family!