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New Year, New Value Bundles!

At Healthy Snack Solutions, we want you to Save, Snack and Smile! This is why we’ve designed “Value Bundles” so you can enjoy all your favorite snacks at an even lower price! We combine five different healthy snacks that fall under the same category together in one bundle at an EVERYDAY 5% DISCOUNT! You’ll get a variety of delicious, healthy and energizing snacks that won’t break your bank! They will all get drop shipped right to your door – making healthy snacking truly affordable and so super easy!

We’re so excited to share these with you! These new bundles are broken down for you below:

Fitness Center Bundle















The fitness bundle combines snacks that are high in protein and perfect for refueling after a great workout! They’re a killer mix of all-natural, nutrient-dense protein sources that everyone would love to enjoy after a good sweat! Check it out here!


Athletic Program Snack Bundle
















After school athletic programs are a great way to keep students active after sitting down all day! Athletes need snacks packed with healthy carbohydrates and fat for both immediate and long lasting energy! This great mix of products are perfect to have before practice or a game to get the body fueled and ready to perform its best! Check out this great bundle here!


College Care Package Bundle
















When you’re constantly on the go as a college student, it’s important to keep snacks quick, easy and healthy! That way their brain is fueled for class and studying! These snacks are great to take with you and are nutrient-dense, making it easy to live that fast-paced campus lifestyle! Check out this convenient bundle here!


Paleo Approved Snack Bundle
















Following the Paleolithic Diet is often a struggle when it comes to finding paleo-approved snacks! All of the snacks in this bundle meet the characteristics of the diet and definitely don’t sacrifice flavor! They all are made with ingredients that occur naturally in the Earth and unprocessed/minimally processed! Check out this paleo-friendly bundle here!


We’ve also redesigned a few of our original snack pack bundles to ensure that they all have snacks made on nut-free equipment! This makes them perfect for daycares, private schools and allergen-sensitive school programs! You can check out the new bundles on our website, but here’s a few of the great items we’ve decided to include in these remakes:

- Made Good Granola Bars and Minis
- Enjoy Life Mini Cookies
- Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps


You can check out all our newly redesigned bundles, as well as our brand new ones, here! Happy Snacking!