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Raise your hand if you love citrus fruits! The Healthy Snack Solutions Team does and that’s why we’re talking about ORANGES on this week’s Superfood Spotlight! A fan favorite amongst breakfast lovers and the perfect on the go, sweet snack, oranges are a nutritious citrus fruit that’s loaded with health benefits!


Oranges are know for being a breakfast staple in the form of juice, but there is way more to an orange than meets the eye! They’re extremely high in antioxidants, fiber and flavanoids! When incorporated and consumed consistently, oranges can help boost your immune system, promote heart and brain health, and even leave your skin feeling healthy! You can read more about oranges and all their secrets below:




Are you a fan of citrus-flavored snacks? These healthy snacks are using real orange juice in their products so you can get the health benefits along with the flavor – Enjoy Life has new Cranberry Orange Grain & Seed Bars that use blood orange oil, Veggie Go’s make tasty fruit & veggie bites in an Orange, Cacao Nib & Carrot flavor, and Fruigees 24 Carrot Orange Fruit Squeeze is the perfect orange-y snack to take on the go!


We bet you’re a fan of oranges now! Let us know what you favorite kind of orange is below!