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We are soaking up the last of this summer favorite with our Superfood Spotlight this week! It’s time to share all the health benefits of PINEAPPLE - a tropical fruit loaded with vitamins, packed with fiber and super sweet and tangy! As a popular summer treat in desserts, drinks and on fruit trays, we want you to know more about pineapple and why it should be a favorite all year!


Pineapple is packed with Vitamin C, fiber and potassium – all nutrients that help the body function optimally! Incorporating pineapple into your healthy lifestyle can help reduce inflammation, support heart health and even increase mental clarity! Studies have shown that eating more pineapple makes you happy! Read more about this superfood on the image below:






















If you want to keep pineapple alive and thriving during the off season, the following snacks use pineapple as their main ingredient and make great snacks for school – KIND Mango + Pineapple Fruit Bites, That’s It. makes an Apple + Pineapple fruit bar that only has those two ingredients, and Enjoy Life’s No Nuts! Beach Bash Mix has dried pineapple in it!


Is this tropical fruit a favorite of yours? Enough to keep eating it all year long? Let us know what you think about pineapple!