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We’re getting back to what’s in season for May and celebrated RADISHES as this week’s Superfood Spotlight! The tiny but mighty superfood is packed with health benefits you never would have expected! From the vegetable itself to its greens, there is so much more to the radish than meets the eye! That’s why we’re telling you all about it!


Radishes are packed with fiber, nutrients and flavanoids, all of which benefit the body in different ways! They help boost heart and skin health, promote the natural detoxification processes in the body and can even help you lose weight! Find out more about the incredible benefits of this superfood in our image below:


Whether it’s the red of black radishes, it’s important to know what the food you are eating can do for your body! That includes the radish greens – don’t throw those away! They’re delicious when sautéed or roasted! What’s your favorite way to eat radishes?