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It might not be summer, but we’re dreaming of warm weather this month! That’s why we’re telling you all you need to know about STRAWBERRIES! This week’s Superfood Spotlight explains just how nutritious these berries are and why they’d make a great addition to your healthy lifestyle, even in the winter!


Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Vitamin A and C provide a boost for the skin to fight against aging, and flavanols and other antioxidants are responsible for keeping the body’s defense systems in the best shape. They’re high in manganese, which aids in the maintenance of healthy nervous system functions! You might think there couldn’t possibly be more, but there is! Check out the image below for all you need to know about strawberries:  

Some of our favorite healthy snacks use real strawberry (not the artificial flavors or concentrates) in their products! Here are a few of our favorites – GoGo Squeez makes a delicious Strawberry Apple Sauce to-go pouch, Stretch Island’s Strawberry Fruit Leather is a quick but tasty snack made with real strawberry puree, and if you like fruit rollups then you’ll love the Strawberry Real YoYo from Bear! You can find all of our strawberry flavored snacks here!


You know we’ll be eating strawberries all year with how tasty and nutritious they are! Are they your favorite kind of berry? Let us know what you love about strawberries!