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Stretch Island Fruit Co. Fruit Leathers vs. Generic Fruit Leathers

Didn’t think we were going to forget about December’s Better Snack Breakdown, did you? We’re finishing off 2016 with our last one of the year and we’re talking about FRUIT LEATHERS this time! Stretch Island Fruit Co. makes all-natural, tasty fruit leathers that are nutritious and delicious! Keep reading to find out why you should choose them over the generic store brand leathers!

Stretch Island soars above the competition when it comes to generic fruit leathers. It’s made with REAL fruit and even contains ¼ serving per leather, most generic leathers are made with processed sugars and contain no nutritional value. Stretch Island is a great way for your child to get essential vitamins, nutrients and real fruit, all in a fun little leather that tastes amazingly sweet! There are so many more reasons why you should trash the nasty, no-good fruit leathers and make the switch to Stretch Island! You can see the reasons below in our easy breakdown chart!


Stretch Island Fruit Co. Fruit Leathers are YOUR healthy snack solution! You can get their delicious flavors at the best low prices and fast delivery right to your home on our website here! Your kids will smile from ear to ear as soon as they try one! Happy Snacking!