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At Healthy Snack Solutions, we love making healthy, allergy friendly snacks available and affordable for everyone! That’s why this week we’re highlighting one of our favorite ingredients – SUNFLOWER SEEDS! These seeds are great for those who have a nut allergy but want the healthy fats, earthy flavor and something “nutty” to enjoy! It’s our Superfood Spotlight because of all the health benefits!


Sunflower seeds are a nutrient dense seed that is also high in magnesium, antioxidants and other essential, unique vitamins and minerals! They can help boost heart health, fight off inflammation and oxidative stress and support the thyroid! There is so much more to love about these seeds than meets the eye! Check out more about this superfood below:



Some of our favorite snack products are made using sunflower seeds – Enjoy Life Foods uses them for almost all of their snacks, Rise Bar makes a delicious Sunflower Cinnamon protein bar that’s vegan and Free2B even has a chocolate bar with sunflower seeds!


Raise your hand if you love sunflower seeds! The HSS Team does and we love that they’re a great alternative for those with nut allergies!