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We’ve got new snack categories! Welcome Sesame-Free, Sunflower-Free and On Sale to our catalog!

We want to welcome the newest tags to our catalog – sunflower free, sesame free and our sale items! These new categories were made to make filtering even easier for you and accommodate even more food allergies!

Awareness for sunflower seed and sesame seed allergies has risen in schools recently and we want parents and teachers to know there ARE snacks out there for their children and students! It is not just the seeds that cause reactions, but also the oils and pastes that are often used in multi-ingredient products! While sesame oil and paste are not commonly used in snacks, sunflower oil holds a larger presence in the “healthy snack” world. Sunflower oil is often used in many snacks such as all-natural potato chips, popcorn, multigrain tortilla chips, and even granola bars or baked snack bars!

We are also now featuring our new sales category; these snacks are ON SALE all month long! The discounts vary between the products, but there is an automatic percentage taken off at checkout! We want our customers to get the best deals whenever possible! This category is updated at the beginning of each month, so keep checking back to see if your favorites go on sale! Want to know a specific amount? Check out our Facebook page where they are shared in more detail for each product!

These new tags will help you get the most out of your experience with Healthy Snack Solutions! Want to check out our new categories? You can browse our sesame-free snacks here, sunflower-free snacks here and all snacks that are on sale for the current month here.