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Why Nut Free Equipment and Facilities Matter

Peanut and tree nut allergies are two of the most comment food allergies, especially amongst children. Peanuts are legumes not nuts, but those who suffer from a peanut allergy are often also allergic to tree nuts due to the similarities between their protein structures. It has been found that most children eventually outgrow their nut allergies, but the rise of nut allergies in recent years has been a cause for concern amongst parents, schools and other child programs.


If you or your child has a nut allergy, then you’ve seen the various labels that indicate the possibility of the product containing nuts – “may contain nuts” for example. But what about those with the label “produced on shared equipment” or “made in the same facility as nuts”? What does that mean for you or your child? It means your child can still experience a reaction if they consume a product that may not contain nuts but has been in contact with peanuts or tree nuts.














The severity of a reaction ranges from mild to severe, where even contact with something that was made in the same place as the nut could elicit a reaction. Even though peanuts and tree nuts are harmless, the body reacts to the consumption or contact of these foods as if they were. In the most severe cases, a reaction causes anaphylaxis. This includes a drop in blood pressure and swelling of the airways, trouble breathing and potential loss of consciousness.


The importance of snacks made on nut-free equipment or a nut-free facility, beyond the labeling, is ensuring the safety of those who consume the products. It limits the potential for cross-contamination between lines and other products being made with nuts. The risk of your child having a reaction, no matter the severity, goes down immediately!


These snacks are great for schools! Whether you’re a teacher that provides food for snack time or a parent that packs your child’s lunch, you completely eliminate the potential of a reaction with these products!


Finding snacks for your kids or classroom could become difficult if your school announces they’re going nut free, but it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to sacrifice taste, health or quality when it comes to allergen-friendly snacking! Within the past year, the rise of nut allergies has inspired a large variety of brands to expand their company goals to providing snacks for those kids who suffer with a food allergy!


What are some of our favorite nut free brands that are also made in a nut-free facility? Enjoy Life Foods is a great one – NONE of their products contains nuts and are made in a nut free facility! Some other Healthy Snack favorites are Made Good and Freedom Foods! Made Good products also have a sneaky serving of veggies in each snack pack! Check out all of our nut-free facility and nut-free equipment products in our catalog!


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