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Bitsy's Brainfood Fruity Number Crunch Cereal v. Generic Brand Fruity Cereal

Are you ready for another Better Snack Breakdown? Cereal is a popular, convenient breakfast option for kids in the summer when they have camp, sports or fun activities planned for the day! Your cereal choice does not need to be filled with sugar and artificial ingredients for them to enjoy it! Bitsy’s Brainfood Fruity Number Crunch Cereal is a great option for kids – it’s a healthier, more nutritious altnerative to the generic store brand! It’s even great for children with food allergies! The Healthy Snack Solutions Team want to show you why we love Bitsy’s so much!


This cereal is colorful and has all your favorite fruit flavors, but it’s made with organic ingredients, is low in sugar and contains TONS of vitamins and minerals per serving! The generic brand contains little to no nutritional value, is made with artificial and processed ingredients, and has sugar listed as the second ingredient! That’s just the start! Check out this side-by-side comparison to see for yourself why we choose Bitsy’s over other brands!




Bitsy’s Brainfood Fruit Number Crunch Cereal is YOUR healthy snack solution! This yummy cereal is available on our website along with plenty of other Bitsy’s products to choose from! Keep your kids fueled and ready for summer fun activities by ordering with us today! Happy Snacking!