About Us

We are an online marketplace for wholesale organic and allergy-sensitive snacks.


At Healthy Snack Solutions we love natural and organic nutrient-filled foods! We whole heartedly believe that properly fueling our bodiesand minds is a critical component in reaching our full potential!

In this non-stop roller coaster world that we live in,
we all grab for a quick bite to keep us going!

Healthy Snack Solutions is on a mission to transform that little nibble of preservative-filled empty-calories into a delicious, high quality, nutrient-dense, energizing morsel.

So when you're offering snacks in your school, day care, after-school program, camp, athletic program, health club, office or any other setting with hungry, health-minded kids or adults.

We are here with your
Healthy Snack Solution!

  • Brands you love!
  • A superb selection of mouth-watering snacks!
  • In-depth information on ingredients and allergens!
  • Amazingly affordable prices!
  • Quick & easy ordering!
  • Drop shipped right to your door!