February 15, 2019

Looking for another superfood to add to your healthy lifestyle? Give BRAZIL NUTS a try! They’re the stars of this week’s Superfood Spotlight! If you haven’t heard of this yummy, nutrient-dense nut before, you’re about to learn all about it!

Brazil nuts are selenium-rich nuts that are packed with healthy fats, tons of vitamins and minerals, and provide the body with a quick source of energy! While they are high in fats, these fats are monounsaturated fatty acids that help lower LDL (aka bad cholesterol) and increase levels of good cholesterol! One serving of brazil nuts meets your daily recommend intake of selenium and is rated as the highest natural source of the mineral! Want to learn more about this incredible superfood? Just look at all of the health and nutritional benefits below!




Want to give brazil nuts a try for yourself? We don’t blame you! They’re pretty awesome and we love eating them whole, chopped on top of salads or even making our own trail mix with them! Maybe you’re looking for a snack that’s made with brazil nuts? KIND Bars makes several different varieties of snack bars that feature a variety of nuts and seeds, including brazil nuts.

Switch up your usual trail mix or go-to nut blend by adding some brazil nuts and let us know what you think!

Healthy Snack Solutions Admin