February 15, 2019

Fats are given a bad reputation but not all fats are equal! The healthy fats found in nuts contain vitamins and nutrients essential for overall wellness! Cashews are one of these nuts that a chock full of good fats and are extremely nutrient-dense! We want to show you why cashews deserve a new reputation and a comeback in your healthy lifestyle!

Cashews are filled with vitamins and minerals to help our body perform its best and reach optimum health. Copper, magnesium and selenium are just a few of the minerals found in this nut! There aren’t as many vitamins but cashews provide 10% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin K. Consumption of cashews helps promote brain function, maintain bone health and even could aid in your weight loss or maintenance goals! Want to know more about this awesome superfood? Just look at all of the amazing properties below!


Now you understand why cashews deserve some time in the spotlight! They’re a great source of healthy fats and if you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate them into your lifestyle, check out some of these awesome brands that use cashews in their snacks! One of the main ingredient in all RXBAR’s are cashews, Sahale Snacks make amazing snack mixes that are extra crunchy and delicious, and even LARABAR has a whole snack bar dedicated to cashews called ‘Cashew Cookie’! It doesn’t get any better than that!

 Want some good ol' raw cashews? You can get some from Woodstock Organics right on our website here - raw and salted! If you're more interested in bulk options, you can find those here!

Raise your hand if you love cashews! What’s your favorite nut? Are cashews your favorite? Let us know! We want to hear your opinion on cashews!

All information in this article is from Dr. Axe’s website.

Healthy Snack Solutions Admin