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We’re bringing you something bright and green for this week’s Superfood Spotlight! It’s a well-known superfood in the health and wellness world, but it is a whole food supplement that everyone should think about incorporating into his or her daily lifestyle! The health benefits are worth giving this green powder a try!


Spirulina is packed with protein and other nutrients that help boost he body’s energy levels, help with detoxing heavy metals from the body and can even aid in the elimination of candida from the intestines! It gives the heart an extra boost and helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol! There is a lot more to spirulina that it’s color, and you can found out more about it below:
























Even some of your favorite healthy snacks sneak spirulina into their products – Bear’s Real Fruit YoYo’s Apple flavor has spirulina, the Mamma Chia Green Magic Chia Squeeze is packed with it, and even Raw Revolution has a bar solely highlighting the benefits of spirulina called Spirulina Dream.


Give spirulina a try or stock up on a healthy snack that is packed with it to get started! The Healthy Snack Solutions Team loves spirulina and we think you will too!