February 15, 2019

You may have heard of the blue-green algae that’s turning drinks and smoothies everywhere into a brilliant bright green, but what do you know about Spirulina? This superfood is known for its deep color but it’s loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that have amazing affects on our bodies! This is precisely why Healthy Snack Solutions choose to highlight Spirulina as part of this week’s “Superfood Spotlight”!

Spirulina is so more than just its intriguing color, it’s nutrient balance is helpful for restoring damaged cells and protecting them! It’s also packed with protein, boosts immune support and studies have shown that it’s an awesome defense mechanism against infection and allergic reactions! We took some of our favorite Spirulina facts and highlighted them for you here! Can you guess which one is our favorite?


There’s a lot to love about this small but mighty superfood! You can find it in both powder and pill form – depending on your preference! We love adding it to our yogurt, smoothies and even baking with it! There are endless options when it comes to enjoying the benefits of incorporating Spirulina into your healthy lifestyle! Some of our favorite snack brands even use it – Betty Lou's makes a delicious Spirulina Ginseng energy ball, Mamma Chia has a ‘Green Magic’ Chia Squeeze that’s loaded with the superfood and Go Raw’s ‘Sweet Spirulina’ Energy bar is packed with tons of nutrients!

Already a fan of Spirulina? Let us know what your favorite way to use it is! If you’ve never tried it, are you going to? We’d love to hear all about it!

All information in this article is from the University of Maryland’s study on Spirulina. You can find more information about here.

Healthy Snack Solutions Admin