Paleo Approved Snack Bundle

Paleo Approved Snack Bundle

IN STOCK PRODUCT VENDOR : Healthy Snack Solutions

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Product Description

If you follow the Paleolithic Diet but struggle to find snacks that are paleo-approved and meet the characteristics of the diet! Made with ingredients that occur naturally in the Earth and unprocessed or minimally processed!

Purchase this bundle and SAVE 5% OFF on these 5 items:
- RXBAR - Blueberry: 12 bars total
- Paleo Ranch Original Kippered Beef: 9 bars total
- That's It. Fruit Bars - Apple Mango: 12 bars total
- Lesser Evil Himalayan Pink Salt Paleo Puffs: 24 bags total
- Eden Foods Dry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: 12 bags total

Paleo Approved Snack Bundle