Sunbutter Chocolate Sunflower Butter

Sunbutter Chocolate Sunflower Butter

16oz containers / 6 containers / Chocolate


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Product Description

16oz containers / 6 containers

  • Sunflower Seed Butter: Meet your new pantry essential - a nutritious, plant-based protein snack forged from premium sunflower seeds and cocoa. This combination presents an exciting new low-sugar, protein-rich food choice for the active lifestyle.
  • For Chocolate Lovers: Satisfy your sweet tooth with our unique chocolate spread. This guilt-free, gluten-free delight offers the perfect balance of sunflower seed butter and chocolate protein, catering to your health-conscious indulgence.
  • Spread Some Fun: Discover the joy of peanut-free eating with our sun butter sunflower butter. This vegan butter not only brings fun to your meals but also ensures they are gluten-free, contributing to a balanced diet without compromising taste. SunButter, we took sunshine and made it spreadable.
  • Simple Ingredients. Delicious Flavor: Experience the delightful blend of roasted sunflower seeds in our SunButter. With a minimal sugar content of just 4g, it's a tasty gluten-free snack that delivers both protein and joy.


Sunbutter Chocolate Sunflower Butter
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